Bill Pack

An artist with the soul of a sculptor and the eye of a designer.

Trained as a commercial photographer at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, Bill has built a career combining his experience creating vivid, award-winning images of consumer products with a lifelong love of architecture and automotive design to develop an illumination technique: “Painting with Light.”

After twenty years in San Francisco refining this craft at his studio while working in advertising (shooting food, technology and modern auto brands), Bill relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where car culture thrives, and founded his latest venture: V12 Enterprises.

Today, car enthusiasts and collectors around the world know Pack’s images for their elegant feel, strong graphic lines and ability to capture both the unique behavior of light as it moves across a car’s form and the intent of the designer who dreamed each automotive work of art into existence.

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P A I N T I N G  W I T H  L I G H T ™

“Painting with Light” illuminates more than form and function. Perfected by artist and image-maker Bill Pack, “Painting with Light” is a technique in which
illumination is applied to a subject by moving a light source over its surface while taking a long exposure image. It’s more painting than photography—a process of layering and sculpting with light that enhances a car’s shape and lines, makes details pop against the blackest of shadows, and reveals the design intent and emotion behind each classic car’s form.

More emotional than the typical big-box lighting of traditional commercial car photography (which tends towards a pure historical record), in “Painting with Light,” the soul of the machine is exposed and car becomes art—the high contrast drama of Caravaggio’s deep chiaroscuro shading, luxurious and compelling. Each handcrafted image celebrates the unique characteristics of a car’s design, each distinctive sight-line and detail highlighted.

People who love automobiles know, a car is never just a car. It’s a vessel for story. A sense-memory of an era long past in leather and metal that begins with a designer’s vision, and continues as the vehicle is imprinted with the narrative of its owner and its passage through time and terrain. “Painting with Light” offers car enthusiasts (and anyone who loves design) a way to capture the beauty, essence and sentiment of their favorite make, model or memory.


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