About John

John creates unbridled automotive photographs both documentary and experimental with bold texture, vivid color, and sense of depth. He describes it as a little raw and with an attitude.

Starting at a young age with film, and working in his father’s dark room, he learned how to manipulate the outcome of his images. Today working with digital and post-processing in a computer, life is not much different.

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He believes there is something magical about storytelling with a camera and producing images, respecting the past but unafraid of innovation. Focusing on a love to explore the endless potential of an image, and infuse it with personality and spirit to be enjoyed. His photos will immerse you in their soul.

“My aim,” he says, “is to draw the viewer to investigate the image and to serve up the smell of hot oil and the thumping sound of an engine in my impressionistic compositions. My images celebrate memories, rusted or old, shiny or new. They are unique interpretations of motoring emotion.”

John has presented his award winning work in a variety of shows, including the Palm Springs Art Museum, and the San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park. His work has appeared in the automotive section of “The New York Times”, “Road and Track Magazine”, and “Nine over Nine” the book about the Monterey Car Week. He is a current member of the San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild, as well as the Motor Press Guild.


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Supercar Passion